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Genre: Middle Grade 

Why does everyone keep telling Finney to focus? After all, Finney’s “impulsivity” as her mom calls it, led her to find a hidden room behind the supply closet when her teacher went missing. Ms. Swindell might dish out too many math worksheets and have a weird hang-toothed smile, but there’s something sincere about her that nudges Finney to follow her trail through secret tunnels beneath the school. If that isn’t strange enough, the tunnels are riddled with math puzzles Finney and her friend must solve. Hidden passages open when using the Fibonacci sequence. And those footsteps that are creeping closer? They could be the dangerous people responsible for Ms. Swindell’s disappearance.


When Finney finds her teacher, she learns Ms. Swindell is a member of a secret society. They need Finney’s help because she fits nicely in tight underground spaces. But the secret society has an unusual enemy and Finney’s not sure who she can trust. She must race to solve puzzles and make her way through booby-trapped tunnels to uncover a world-changing secret left by Albert Einstein. If she doesn’t get to it before the enemy, they’ll use it for their own sinister gain and there’s a reason this buried secret has been protected for over fifty years.

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Genre: Psychological Thriller

Fixing broken relationships is even harder when you're dead. Especially when facing a guilt-ridden conscience.

Lily Harper dies in a house fire, and in hopes of moving on, sets out to repair the damaged relationships she's left behind. She seeks out her struggling former best friend, starts to rekindle lost love with her ex-boyfriend from high school, and even consoles her grieving family. But communicating between dimensions isn't easy, and worse, dark illusions are beginning to manifest.

Plagued by guilt from her past she's trying hard to fix, Lily invokes nightmares of tortuous judge. Her nightmares become illusions that seep into her reality. The trouble with illusions is it's easy to get lost in them and forget reality. If Lily can't face her guilt and find the light within herself, she won't move on, and she'll become trapped in her nightmares forever.

While battling the illusions of her guilty conscience and confronting the mistakes of her past, Lily is repeatedly drawn to Jackson, the boy who got away. The problem is, he's still among the living. When she has the opportunity to save Jackson's life, she must decide if she will selfishly allow his life to slip away so he can be with her, or if she will spare him from her enigmatic world.


*Pitch to Publication Finalist

"Real love isn't perfect. Real love is crawling on your hands and knees until they're bloody and torn just to get to the person you love, despite the fact that they're flawed and decrepit themselves." - Mend

"I can't do this. Please. Go away. This isn't real. Why do I keep getting pulled here?" I cradle my head trying to make the illusion evaporate while my heart flaps violently, like an angry caged bird." -Fast Awake

True love is not for the weak or the weary, I reflect. It is for the vulnerable, the brave and the patient. -Fast Awake

There are still heroes. There are miracles. There are martyrs—sacrifices made for love, friendship, and the good of humankind. The wave of a flag or the beat of receiving drums do not announce their troubles. Their entrances and exits from the world go unnoticed. They remain silent as a dream in the darkness. The world ticks on, intricately spinning the gears of one complex and mysterious clock without notice. But they do make a difference. By faith, they choose their right from wrong, and their good from bad. They pledge their lives to it. -The Fate

Pressure wells up inside me, and I suddenly feel like I weigh several tons. I'm nearly immobile, a stone monument rather than a living, breathing person, something heavy and solid but with the ability to crack and perhaps even shatter with the lightest tap of a hammer. -The Fate


Genre: Magical Realism



Second chances are complicated. Especially when your faults manifest on your skin.

When Genevieve finds out about her husband’s affair, she’s determined to stay strong inside, but outside, her body is breaking. Deep cracks divide her skin, splitting her hands and arms, creeping their way up to her face.

Will loves Genevieve but between his pill addiction, dying mother, and work layoffs, he buckles to life’s stresses. Dragon lips replace his smile, a beast snout covers his nose, and soulless black eyes bury his big, brown ones, turning him into a monster he doesn’t recognize.

Genevieve moves on, but she can’t ignore her lasting love for Will. They try to heal separately through therapy and the help of their friends. As they reconnect, Will’s grotesque features dissolve, revealing that beneath the monster he’s broken, just like her.

Together, they work to resolve their broken natures. But the pain of healing just might force their already brittle hearts and breaking bodies to crumble. In the end, the key to survival is discovering all they’ve ever needed is each other.

*Nightmare on Query Street Finalist


Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

When sixteen-year-old Aria discovers she's a modern-day Fate, entrusted with preserving the order of life and death, she must decide if she will follow order or derail it.


Aria learns her mother was a Fate, but not one of the hyperbolized old ladies of Greek mythology who cut the threads of life. Fates are tasked with saving the lives of people who would die before their time, thanks to chaos. The caveat: Fates must allow those who are predestined for death to die without interference.


Aria joins the Fates but doubts her decision when she witnesses a gruesome murder scene. The Fates are able to save one of the victims, but refuse help to his begging brother. Now she's dealing with bewitching Sirens who have the ability to lure people toward disaster. Aria's normal and supernatural worlds collide when she's forced to decide whether she will preserve order and allow her boyfriend to die, or if she will go against everything she's been taught and save him. But saving someone comes with consequences, and the Furies who punish those who stray aren't far away. They'll demand a life for life repayment.