I was nominated by my friend Cass Newbould @elusi0n (follow her she’s amazing) for the 7x7x7 challenge. It’s a challenge where you post 7 lines of the 7th page, line 7 and down, of your work in progress.
This work in progress is titled Messages From Eden. It’s an adult thriller about a grieving mother of a stillborn child who follows seemingly supernatural clues sent from her baby in heaven to find her friend’s kidnapped child. She unwittingly barrels head first into a nationwide underground crime ring, but what she least expects is that amidst chaos and danger, her broken heart just may start to heal.
Suspicion confirmed. “But you have to stay for the gender reveal at least. I’ve waited two months to be able to open that damn envelope and we are going to open it here and now, dammit.”
“Yes, yes, I agree. We need to know whether to buy baseballs or ballet shoes.” He leans down and plants a warm kiss on my cheek.
“You’re so sexist,” Jacquelyn butts in. “Haven’t you heard about the whole raising children gender neutral thing.”
“Yeah, okay, Jackie. When I see your little guy playing with Barbies and baby dolls then I’ll listen your gender-neutral spouting. I’ve seen you load up with football and soccer socks and jerseys, so let’s cut through the BS.”
I laugh. “No need for a parenting debate just yet. We’ve got a gender reveal to get through.”
“Will little Adam have a best bro or a girlfriend?” Jacquelyn rubs the flattened palms of her hands.
“Maybe Adam will be gay, if we’re being politically correct here,” Chris says.