Recently, in one of my writing groups, we had a discussion about R&R’s (or Revise and Resubmits.) There are many blogs out there you can read to help you decide whether you want to complete a R&R or not when an agent requests one. This is not one of those blogs. Questions emerged during the R&R process (from multiple group members) on what was appropriate and not during the R&R period. In this blog, I will discuss R&R’s and R&R etiquette so you know the basic guidelines to use when dealing with multiple agent interactions.
What is a R&R?
When you submit your manuscript to an agent you can receive one of three replies. You can receive a rejection, an offer, or a revise and resubmit (R&R). A revise and resubmit means the agent saw potential in your work, but didn’t think it was quite ready for representation, so they asked you to make changes. If you agree with the agent’s suggestions, it will be time to dive into edits to spruce up your manuscript.
Here are the questions many of us had during the R&R editing period. Please note agents can vary on what they think is acceptable and not, so this is just sort of a rule of thumb to go by:
Can I send out my manuscript while I’m completing a R&R?
Yes. You can send out your ORIGINAL manuscript to other requesting agents during your R&R editing period. You do not have to disclose to that agent that you are completing a R&R for another agent.
Can I offer my revised manuscript to other agents who have my full manuscript, or to new requesting agents?
No. R&R’s are exclusive to the agent that requests it. They may or may not state the R&R is exclusive, but the edits are that particular agent’s ideas and aren’t to be shared.
When can I start sending out my revised manuscript?
If you like your edits, you are going to want to start using your new manuscript in lieu of your original manuscript when agents make requests. You can give the R&R agent a time period of exclusivity and then send out your revised manuscript to other agents after that time. If the R&R agent rejects your manuscript then you can send out your revised manuscript freely.